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42 Palmer St
Stonington, CT, 06379
United States


Lilywork is an artisan made tile collection, handmade in Stonington CT.  Lilywork is dedicated to their craft, every tile is still made by hand.  

The collection is a beautiful blending of color, pattern, time, and place.  

Let Lilywork help you create a space that is truly unique.






Every Lilywork tile starts with a block of clay.  The block is thinly sliced, smoothed, and prepared for pressing.   A hand-carved mold is then placed onto the clay and stamped to the desired thickness.  Excess clay is trimmed and used to create the next tile.

Tiles dry for a week before being glazed & fired to about 2200 degrees F.

Orders are then sorted, packed, and shipped to homes across the country


Men were not intended to work with the accuracy of tools, to be precise and perfect in all their actions.
J Ruskin 


Craftsman Kitchen, Philadelphia PA

Craftsman Kitchen, Philadelphia PA