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Lilywork is an artisan made tile collection, handmade in Stonington CT.  Lilywork is dedicated to their craft, every tile is still made by hand.  

The collection is a beautiful blending of color, pattern, time, and place.  

Let Lilywork help you create a space that is truly unique.


Aegean Blue

Inside Lilywork

A blog dedicated to the inner-workings of an artisan workshop.  Lilywork is a handmade tile studio in Stonington, CT


Aegean Blue

paul halferty


The Aegean Sea, a great bay of the Eastern Mediterranean situated between the Greek mainland to the west and Turkey to the east, lying north of Crete, is nothing less than the cradle of western culture.  The Aegean is the setting for the world of Odysseus as described in the Iliad and The Odyssey, Minoan culture in Crete, and the birthplace of western democracy as developed by the Hellenistic city-states.

As well as being culturally fascinating, the Aegean is also indescribably beautiful. Alternate bands of granite and limestone produce dazzling island landscapes.  Islands are dotted with characteristic white-cubed dwellings and blue-domed churches set in this azure sea. 

The history, culture, and color of the Aegean Sea gave rise to this inspired shade of blue.